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All of DJ Mack's parties are FUN. Steve's goal has been to get people away from their computers and off facebook and meet at various clubs and rooftops and have unlimited FUN. An eclectic mix of great music along with a great crowd is a recipe for a great party. DJ Mack has had celebrities co-host a series of parties known as "Retro Celebrity Sunset Dance Party", New York's only weekly celebrity happy hour. You'll dance to some of your favorite music you never thought you'd hear in a club and it's refreshing.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has become very popular among the large club crowd. DJ Mack has a new twist on this genre. Instead of EDM, DJ Mack specializes in Electronic Dance Retro (EDR). EDR is Electronic Dance Music with Classic Dance Music skillfully mixed in. Imagine the pounding intense beat of EDM and every now and then, the magic of those Classic Dance hits emerge as an alternative to enhance the excitement of the EDM beats.

EDM is easy to mix. EDR is a challenge. The classic tunes of yesterday were produced with real people playing real instruments and the timing often differs and changes during the mix. Fear not. DJ Mack has been mixing this music since before the drum machine and has mastered the ability to read the crowd and keep the dance floor packed.
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