S.D. Mack Events


DJ Mack has several sound systems. System one utilizes two 15” Subs with satellite arrays processed using a dbx Driverack PA. System two is smaller and utilizes a powerful 8” Sub with satellites processed with dbx Driverack PA tuned to the room.

Two Technics 1200 Mk II turntables with a Rane Rotary Mixer are used for vinyl parties. For 100% digital playback the Pioneer DDJ S1 controller is used. The sound from these systems is clear with a low warm bass and a Studio 54 style sound.

Rane MP2016 Rotary Mixer
Technics/Rane/Serato Turntable Setup
Pioneer DDJ S1 digital music mixer/controller
RCF Sound System
RCF EVOX 12, each channel (L-R) 1400 watts.
The RCF EVOX 12 is the most powerful line-source with a built-in 1400W power amp. The top section has 8 full range speakers. The 15" sub delivers powerful warm bass sound. This system is tuned for the room with a dbx Driverack and offers exceptional sound for continuous dance music.
HK LUCAS Nano 300
HK Audio LUCAS Nano 300 Audio System.
The HK Audio Nano 300 is a smaller compact stereo sound system which and packs a warm bass punch and crystal clear highs. It's perfect for a room/area to accommodate 50 to 75 people.