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Denon MC 4000 Controller
Electrovoice RE20 Broadcast Microphone
DJ Mack has several sound systems. Our main system RCF EVOX 12 is 2800 watts and utilizes two 15" Subs with line array satellites processed using a dbx Driverack PA. System two by HK Audio is a smaller 900 watt system and utilizes a powerful 8" Sub with satellites processed with dbx Driverack PA tuned to the room. System two is normally utilized as monitors for large spaces and as a backup if necessary.

A Denon MC4000 controller is used to play from a virtually unlimited library of music spanning decades. The sound from this system is clear indoors and outdoors with a low warm bass and a Studio 54 style sound.

The Denon Controller is housed in the newest and most modern DJ Console available from BUNN Gear. It's sleek design is attractive, professional and blends in to the decor of your event.
DJ Mack Command Center Console