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For more than 45 years, Steve Mack has entertained thousands of partygoers at numerous events. Under the tutelage of Slim Hyatt, the master of upscale parties (also known as Americas' first Disco DJ) and Jim Kerr, New York's Legendary veteran DJ of WPLJ FM Classic Rock Morning Host (currently hosting The Jim Kerr Rock n' Roll Morning Show with Shelly Sonstein Weekdays: 5:30am - 9:00am at Q104.3 FM), Steven began his DJ career, perfecting his craft, spinning the likes of Sinatra, Bennett, Stones, Jacksons, Motown, House, etc.

Steven often MCs to captivated audiences, with his golden voice, encouraging the otherwise subdued to let their hair down and have great fun on the dance floor. The advantage of a digital sound system means Steven's entire record library is at his fingertips. Steven's mainstream club experience includes Court Street (promoted by WPLJ-FM's Jim Kerr), New York New York, The Arena, The Adams Apple, Streets, Doubles (Sherry Netherland Hotel), Margot's, Harry's Back East, La Folie, Bonds International, The Ice Palace, The Waldorf Astoria, The Copacabana, events for Peter Duchin Orchestras. And, yes we are "non-cheesy", not with just a touch of class but total class.

DJ Mack has more experience than many of the so called celebrity DJs of today with a maturity that makes him uniquely qualified to ensure a successful event.
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