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The celebrated days of Disco and the beginnings of the Discotheque led to a craze that spawned some of the most well known nightclubs in the world. Among those clubs were The Loft, Studio 54, The Gallery, The Ice Palace, and The Copacabana. Some of the more private clubs included Doubles (in the Sherry Netherland), La Folie, Club A, Regines, The Hippopotamus, Le Club to name a few.

The first known Disco DJ in America was a fellow by the name of Slim Hyatt. He worked at a place called Le Club. DJ Steve Mack was introduced to him and he took DJ Mack under his wing, training him how to cater to an upscale wealthy crowd.

As a protege of Slim Hyatt, DJ Mack was represented by Peter Duchin Orchestras, entertaining a who's who of sophisticated elite New Yorkers at some of the most prestegious venues in Manhattan and country clubs in the New York Tri State Area.
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